#SpreadingGoodStories webinar series

We focus on the essential practicalities of our jobs and do not have time to lift our heads up. We do not have time to find other people who may be wrestling with the same problems we are. We certainly do not have time to share stories with them.
And it is these stories - simple, real-life tales of what people have achieved - that inspire us: to do something better, or something different, to make the world slightly better for someone.
So the series was started by the urgent and emergency care transformation team in Midlands and East, with only three rules. Our 'good story' should:
  • Show us how people have overcome boundaries to work together.
  • Tell us how a scheme helps the people we serve.
  • Give us a sense of what the experience was like. It is not about success or failure, it is about the bold attempt.
So, if you're interested in hearing these stories, why not pop your name in the registration box below so we can tell you when we have webinars coming up?
Better still, why not share your story of transformation, and inspire someone with what you have done?
Every person who's told us a good story has, at some point, 
said "it is nothing special, it just needed to be done." So you never know how remarkable you are, until you tell someone…
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